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We've had a number of interesting and colourful visitors to our garden recently, and here are some of them.

Last week we had a visit from a pair of Redpoll. They used the niger feeder for a while, and this one is waiting his turn. I haven't seen them here before or since.

I've also briefly seen a Siskin, but it didn't wait for a picture. The Goldfinches come every day now, usually to the niger feeder, but this week they discovered the lavender in the front garden, and have been clearing that of seeds.

I looked out of the front window this morning, to see a Green Woodpecker down by Anne's car, digging the soft earth by a rotting tree stump. I presume it had found a nest of ants or some other insect, and it was so intent on what it was doing that it didn't notice me opening the window for a better picture.

I won't try to pretend we have a lake in our garden with Goosander on it, but Painshill is quite close to home, and I do seem to have spent rather a lot of time there this week. This picture of a Goosander leaving was taken just as I arrived there yesterday.

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