The Far North : Gjesværstappan Nature Reserve


From the fishing port of Gjesvær, we went round the islands of Gjesværstappan. The first rocks we passed provided a roost for hundreds of Cormorants, and a few Black-Backed Gulls.

The surface of the water near the island was covered with various members of the Auk family, the most recognisable being the Puffin.

... and Razorbills were very much in evidence.

The plentiful supply of food (i.e. small sea-birds) supports a sizeable population of White-Tailed Sea Eagles.

One end of the island was home for thousands of Gannets. This one seems to have become entangled in seaweed.

As the boat approached, the Puffins either dived or flew. Sometimes they were so full of fish that when they tried to fly, all they could do was run along the serface flapping their wings.

We saw many Sea Eagles sitting on rocks. At one point we could see six at the same time.


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