Painshill and Thereabouts

Saturday, 14th January, 2012

I can't believe that my last post to this blog was over a year ago. I must have seen some wildlife since then! Anyway, here I am again with a report of a couple of visits to Painshill and the surrounding area.

Firstly, the Goosanders. In the past two winters at least, flocks of usually 8 to 10 Goosanders have visited Painshill Park in Surrey. Yesterday I saw some for the first time this year, but only three males. Today I was there again, and saw only one male. Better luck next time, perhaps.

Three male Goosander at Painahill, 13th Jan.

A male Goosander at Painshill, 14th Jan.

There were three Great Crested Grebes on the lake yesterday and today; a lone juvenile and a pair. Twice I saw the pair engaging in their little lovey-dovey greeting ritual. None of the serious stand-up-on-the-hind-legs dancing yet though.

Mr & Mrs G.C. Grebe exchange pleasantries after a short spell apart.

As always at Painshill, there were plenty of Herons in evidence.

A Heron waits by the Chinese bridge.

A Heron waits for his lunch to arrive.

After our circuit of Painshill, we went for a short walk down by the cemetary, where we spotted a Little Owl roosting in an Oak tree. I've not seen one of those before. (The owl that is, not the tree.)

A Little Owl dozes in an Oak tree.

The Little Owl watches intently as I edge a little closer.

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  1. Did you also witness the monster terrapin at Painshill?