Winter Snow

A combination of snow, sunshine, and the need for exercise provided the final imperative for a country walk with the camera. The result was a re-acquaintance with old friends; the Robin, the Blackbird, the Dunnock, and many others.

A Blackbird roots around for worms and grubs.

A Wood Pigeon, asleep but watchful.
One of a paur of Dunnock searching for food.

This Jackdaw has landed on a branch, and frightened away Collared Dove.

A sleepy Song Thrush.
Our resident Garden Robin.

Back in Action

Here I am back in action after an enforced separation from my trusty 500mm lens for much of 2012. The new year started gently with a short walk around the RHS gardens at Wisley.

A Mistle Thrush sings in the new year, 2013.