Bushey Park


Having heard from Tricia that the Grebes were displaying in Bushey Park, I thought it was worth a visit before I disappeared to France for a week. Grebes there certainly were, but today, no displays. I did however get sworn at by a very grumpy Crow with nasty-looking growths on his foot.

I also heard that Firecrests had been seen in the Woodland Garden. Ever hopeful, I wandered through, and was rewarded by among other things the sight of this Long-Tailed Tit, but no Firecrest. 

I was also serenaded with an impressive display of percussion skills from at least four Greater Spotted Woodpeckers high in the trees.

Back at the car park, a pair of Ring-Necked Parakeets were doing what comes naturally in a dead tree.

Job done, he climbed down off her back and gave her a gentle kiss.

She then set too exploring potential nest holes for the expected brood.

Back in the lake, this Coot has had one fight too many. "I s'ppose you think it's funny" he says with his eyes.

They may not have been displaying today, but Mr and Mrs Grebe have been busy going round the lake together looking for a nest site.

...while Mr Tufty-Pochard shows off the unusual mixure of characteristics inherited from his species-diverse mum and dad.

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