Three Days at Sea

15th - 17th FEBRUARY 2010

I was offered a three-day trip on HMS Daring, and jumped at the chance. On the 17th, a memorial service was held for a previous HMS Daring, sunk on that day 70 years earlier with the loss of all but 5 of the crew. After the service, the attendees (including the ship's captain and chaplain) lined up and I took their photograph for the ship's web site. You'll find it here.

We passed Daring's sister ship HMS Dauntless a couple of times.

The crew were always busy, training for the day they hope will never come when they have to fight for real.

It was an enjoyable and instructive three days, and I came away happy that we have such a competent, professional and enthusiastic group of men and women guarding our shores.

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