Painshill and Wisley


After the morning's chores, I had an hour or so to spare before a working lunch with friends (where "working" = "planning a holiday"). It was sunny and Painshill was close, so Painshill it was!

When I arrived, there was a lot of Goosander activity, some arriving and others departing, but very soon they were all gone.

Incidentally, I have noticed when editing pictures of Goosanders that when in flight their eyes seem to come out almost on stalks so that they have forward binocular vision instead of the all-round vision they need when on the water. Very clever!

I was pleased to see that a second Great Crested Grebe had arrived, resplendent in his summer colours and calling for a mate. Unfortunately, the other Grebe appears very dowdy and juvenile, and was looking embarrassed in an insignificant corner of the lake, hoping not to be seen.

I met Tricia while I was there, and we had a pleasant walk and chat. She had come to photograph the Goosanders, but sadly arrived just too late.

On my way out, by the bridge, I saw a Crow on a branch, apparently dozing and unusually unconcerned by the camera. I presume he was either very young or very old.

To be continued

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