New Haw, Crawley & our garden

28th JULY to 22nd AUGUST 2010

I cycled down to Cox's Mill footbridge to see Gresley A4 no. 60019 "Bittern" pass by on an excursion to the seaside.

The logical place to move on to was then the gravel pits at New Haw. The first thing I noticed there was a small flock of Linnets.

As always, the Pied Wagtails were in evidence.

And I stood very still while a group of deer passed through.

A Whitethroat, I believe.

The next day, I was in Crawley for a retirement party, and visited Buchan Country Park. There, I was fortunate enough to see this Lesser Spotted Woodpecker busily clearing out a hole in a tree. I'm not sure why, at this end of the nesting season.

Back at home, I noticed a Blackbird in the garden with something unusual. On closer examination it proved to be a dead frog. I went outside for a closer look, and the bird stayed with it. He wasn't going to lose his prize!

A few days later, I was sitting in the summerhouse when our local juvenile Green Woodpecker landed in the garden and started foraging. I watched and photographed as he searched the garden, and it was only when he got very close that he suddenly realised I was there!

Meet our new junior Robin, still without a red breast but acting in every way like a Robin.

One morning, I noticed from our bedroom window that a Dunnock was sitting on Gwendoline's head, busily preening.

Then one of our Jay family arrived for his morning bath.

And after a bath, the apple tree makes a good place to dry off and preen.

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