15th to 19th SEPTEMBER 2010

We had booked a cottage in Southwold for four nights, and on our way north we visited Orford Ness. It's a bleak but interesting location, accessible only by ferry from Orford village. The lighthouse is unmanned but still in use. However it is now only a few metres from the sea and getting closer every year, so one day it will disappear. There is no intention to replace it, and it seems that the light output from Southwold lighthouse is being increased to compensate.

There are a few manages reedbeds and scrapes on Orford Ness, and this one was home to the usual selection of waders.

The pier car park at Southwold is next to water-meadows and pools, which supported a variety of bird species. This Meadow Pipit was heading for the grass by the model boat pool, before 9am when there was no-one around.

There were also plenty of Barnacle Geese, heading south along the coast.

Captions to be added

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