Pagham Harbour

30th JANUARY 2010

I woke early, good weather was forecast and the tides were favourable, so I made a spot decision to visit Pagham Harbour. I parked in the nature reserve car park by the sea, and walked along towards the harbour entrance. It was high tide, and a large flock of little brown birds was foraging the water's edge inside the harbour. I got close enough for some pictures, and saw that at least some of them were Skylarks.
Further round, near the lagoon, a small group of Pipits was also foraging, along with a Robin, a pair of Blackbirds, and a Dunnock. Later comparison of the pictures with the Collins Guide suggested that this was a Tree Pipit (strongish eye-line, back toenail not very long), but I'm open to further suggestions.
I wandered down a little dead-end path and found two Reed Buntings on a small dead tree. One flew away, but the other obligingly sat still for a photograph.
The main path headed north, and I was attracted by the sight and sound of hundreds of Brent Geese arriving to graze on a waterlogged golf course.
In the hedge alongside the golf course I spotted a Yellowhammer sitting in the sun.
...and I wasn't the only one attracted by the Geese!!
I stopped to chat to a local dog-walker, and was advised to drive round to Church Lane and walk along the sea wall. It was certainly worthwhile, and one if the pleasures was the sight and sound of a group of half-a-dozen Curlews flying noisily back from a waterlogged field.
I watched the sun setting over the harbour before heading for home, and a rather apropriate supper of roast Quail. I enjoyed them with only the mildest feeling of guilt!


  1. Fantastic bird photography,love the Fox.
    Brilliant stuff.

  2. A good days birding Ian. I see you decided not to get your feet wet after we passed one another. Thanks for capturing the Yellowhammer for me to look at again.
    Cheers Frank.