WWT Barnes

24th JANUARY 2010

A little unforecast sunshine in the morning was enough to convince me that a trip to Barnes was worthwhile, and this was cemented by a phone call from Phil (Birdmad). Unfortunately it was not sunny at Barnes.

A crowd of people at one of the favoured spots for Bitterns told its own story, but by the time I arrived the Bittern was deeper in the reeds and no photos resulted. I arrived at the Wildside hide to be told that I had just missed seeing a Water Rail eating a fish, right in front of the hide. Not a good start.

Things improved a bit when I looked out of the hide to see two Cormorants on the island, both with the attractive bushy white headdress indicative of the sub-species "P.c.sinensis".

Cormorants P.c.sinensis

When I left the hide, I found another Cormorant diving close to the bridge, and got some quick close-up pictures before he moved further away.


I got a few more pictures before I had to leave, my favourites being a bored-looking Heron, and a Pintal who has just finished his preening.

Grey Heron


Technical notes: All pictures taken with Sigma 150-500mm lens, using a bean bag for support (http://www.camerabeanbags.co.uk/).

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