Barnes & Staines Moor

Saturday 17th APRIL 2010

A quick trip to WWT Barnes as I hadn't been there for a while.

A Great Crested Grebe was busy preening his feathers, which involved some rather convoluted positions with his feet in the air!

He then did some diving, and came up with a large fish held very carefully in his beak.

He stuggled for some time trying to swallow the fish, but it was too big and eventually he let it go.

I saw my first ducklings of the year.

... and my first cootlings!

As ever, the Little Grebes were hard at work foraging ...

... as were the Little Ringed Plovers.

On my way home I went via Staines Moor. The Reed Buntings were out in force ...

... as were the insects. These were rather too large to be called midges!

Finally, the Robin gave me a farewell serenade.

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