Thursday 22nd APRIL 2010

I decided to try out my new Brompton bits with a train trip, and Weymouth seemed a good idea. As I set off for the station, a pair of Blackbirds were fighting on the roof. I didn't capture the fight, but this is the male saying "I won!".

While I was watching the Blackbirds, I noticed that a Pigeon was bringing sticks into the thick coniferous tree, via our roof. Presumably she's building a nest.

When I arrived at Weymouth, I went straight to Radipole Lake. The first thing I saw was a group of Tufted Ducks accompanied by this stranger, a Hooded Merganser. The Tufties seemed to treat him as one of them. In fact he felt so at home that he was playing fast and loose with the ladies in the group.

The Hooded Merganser is normally found in North America. I was told that this one has been in the area for a couple of months, so he must have either got blown off course somewhere, or has escaped from captivity.

All the usual suspects were there, including Cormorants and Herring Gulls.

....and Shelducks.

There was excitement among the local birders because this pair of Garganey were making a rare appearance.

There were plenty of House Sparrows.

And under the road bridge was a nest of Pigeon squabs. Not the prettiest of babies.

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