Saturday 24th APRIL 2010

The Painshill grieving Grebe has left the lake and the nest has been taken over by a Coot. The other pair of Grebes have made a nest by the long thin island near the vineyard, and have at least one egg.

Update 27/4/10: The GC Grebes' vineyard nest (see above) was abandoned and the eggs gone. The Grebes were vainly trying to build a new nest by piling up weeds in the middle of the lake, needless to say without success. A single GC Grebe was foraging in the north lake; possibly the survivor of the original pair has returned.

Around the Grotto, a Wren was searching the rock crevices for insects.

Similarly employed was a Grey Wagtail, collecting insects presumably for a nest full of chicks.

While I was in the Grotto, a Swan flapped noisily into the confined space of the tunnel, frightening everyone there.

Painshill Park is at Cobham, Surrey. For further details, see

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  1. Ian - sorry about the 2nd Grebes nest. I'd been watching them for a while and was hoping to see them on my next visit!! Seems like last year is repeating itself.

    Nice spot of the Wagtail - I shall watch for longer around the grotto. Did manage a Goldcrest near the estate office on my last visit!