Staines Moor and others


It was a beautiful warm sunny morning so I went for a walk across Staines Moor. The birds were certainly there in force!

A Heron landed in front of me, but didn't like the look of me and stalked off.

I had a similar effect on the Little Egret foraging further up the river.

In the scrub at the north end I could hear Blackcaps, and this one allowed me to take a picture.

There were as usual plenty of Green Woodpeckers, but always flying away when I was almost close enough for a photograph.

The sound of the Skylarks was beautiful, and there were plenty of them!

Even a circling Sparrowhawk didn't stop the Skylarks.

As I returned to the north bridge, a Kingfisher was sitting on the rail. Suddenly he flew a few metres, hovered for a second, and dived into the water then went up onto a reed. Unfortunately the bridge rail was in the way of a photograph of the action.

This Skylark was putting on a good show for me, hovering and circling quite low above my head ......

..... when suddenly I realised I was being watched! Fortunately for the Skylark, the Kestrel was below him and seemed to be more interested in me.

There were plenty of Meadow Pipits, and some were happy to pose for a picture.

In places, the groups of male Reed Buntings could almost be regarded as flocks, and there were also a good number of pairs foraging together. 

A Whitethroat was catching insects in a bramble bush.

And finally, more Skylarks ...

... including a demonstration of the raised crest!


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